Online Slots Streaming and What I’ve Discovered

Streaming online

The new start

Starting a new job is always hard. Harder still when you’re not familiar with all the tasks at hand and you’re doing A LOT of learning on the job.
Now, I remember Andy (the boss man) talking to me during one of our Skype calls, asking me about “Twitch” and “You going to be good Twitching for us?”. I’m all “Yeah of course! It’ll be great!”
I had no real idea to what I was saying yes to, and boy has it been interesting!

The beginning of my online slot journey.

For the past few months, I’ve been learning about this strange and wonderful world of online streaming.
If you had asked me two months ago, what do you know about streaming, I’d have told you it was something to do with people in their mom’s basements with a headset on playing COD or World of Warcraft. Well, more fool me. Turns out that’s only one side of it!
Did you know there’s a whole community out there for online slot gamers? Well, being new to iGaming, and streaming, I didn’t. It had come up in conversation and passing comments but nothing that made me think I’ll be doing this myself one day!

Now my initial thoughts were, when Andy asked me, what is this and what have I got myself into. So, I did what any sane person would do and joined up to Twitch. Had a look at other streamers, and most importantly for me, female streamers (not because I’m creepy, but because I am female!). I needed to understand what they do, and how they do it.

Learning my own style and being comfortable.

One thing I’ve learnt is that every single person has their own style and way of “presenting”. Some are really fun, super enthusiastic. Others, not so much.
So how do you find your own style? I’m no stranger to performing. I studied performing arts for a long while which allowed me to build confidence and create personas when I’m performing. But all that training just went out the window. Putting on a show, an act, it just wasn’t going to work for me. For those of you wanting to go into online streaming, it may do. Try it and see how it works, you never know. But for me, it wasn’t going to work. I realised that the first time I went online.

The chatterbox and the chat

I’m the biggest chatterbox on the planet! Just ask the boss man, he’ll tell you! Poor man’s going to need a hearing aid! But getting on stream and trying to find something to talk about is very hard. Especially when you’re new to gaming and still learning about the different games, suppliers, the free spins, bonuses. Initially, I had no idea what to talk about. So just waffled random stuff. Luckily, I have a boss who is great, and really well versed in many different subjects, so we could easily talk about different things. Sounds great right? Well, this could and can (still learning here folks) only go on for so long. It’s a stream about iGaming, Slots, Casino… slowly slowly I’ve started picking up the lingo, understanding how different slots pay, how bonus rounds work. And not being so afraid to ask questions, live, on stream.
Having a good set of people on chat helps too. Don’t get me wrong, you are (which I’ve learnt) going to have to at times adapt to your viewing audience. Let’s face it, ladies, this is still a male-dominated industry and the chat feeds aren’t any different. Standing your ground is perfectly acceptable. If the chat gets in any way beyond your comfort zone you can say. This is your stream.

The fear

And with the learning, the fear has started to subside. Once you accept that you don’t know every single thing, it’s easier to ask the questions. What is the trigger for this bonus round? Is this a MegaWays game? How volatile is the game? I guess it’s an educational process for everyone. Me, as this is my job and learning on it is the best thing possible, but for all the viewers on the chat too. I’m currently the dummy that’s asking the questions that some people may be afraid to ask. Sometimes it’s ok to be that person, it’s the only way to learn. Even though doing in front of a live audience is quite daunting!

To infinity and beyond!

And learning I have done. It’s been two months and I’ve started learning more about slots and how they work, which is largely down to streaming. I’ve been thrust into a new side of a world that I only knew a little about. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not there yet to start doing this on my own, but the journey so far has been great. Will I ever be comfortable doing this on my own? I don’t know. Right now, the idea is really daunting and for me having someone else to bounce off is great and a massive help. Perhaps when the stream gets bigger it might be easier. But for now, I’m happy being the new sidekick to the wonderful boss man’s Andy and Grape!

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