Manual or Auto-Spin – What should You play?

Manual or Automatic?

Ever since the Automatic Transmission was invented in 1921, people have known that manual tasks can be automated! Since then, there have been people who think they are better than the rest just because they have a car with a Manual Transmission and not Automatic. Likewise, people with Automatic transmission make fun of people with Manual.

This rivalry can also be seen in Online Slots, where there are adamant proponents for each side, claiming their way of playing slots is the best and only way to play. Here at SlotMad, we want to give you the objective and hopefully slightly humoristic take on the question:

Auto-Spin for the Win or Manual Click to get rich Quick?

We have gone around the office and asked friends to gather what they think are the key reasons to go either manual or auto.

What’s good about Auto-Spin?

For many players, the key thing that make them go with AutoSpin over manual clicking is just that it is easier, it goes quicker and you can just sit back and enjoy the spins.

If you need to go to the bathroom or simply want to go get a coffee or a drink, you can do so and still keep spinning. The feeling to come back to a Free Spins round awaiting to be started is a great feeling many state as the reason they play with auto-spin.

If you need to do something else at the same time, then of course Auto-Spin will be your only option for a continuous slotting experience. Just drag the slot to your second monitor, start the autospin and then you can go back to your emails whilst having the flashing in the corner of your eye.

AutoSpinning also allows you to set ‘Stop’ positions, such as Stop if you have lost a certain amount, won a certain amount or reached the Free Spins. If you click Manually, you will have to stop yourself instead, which can be harder sometimes.

Game Studios vary in the amount of maximum amount of Auto-Spins you can choose. Netent for example offers up to 1000 as their max choice, whilst Play’n’Go and Microgaming tops out at 100 auto-spins before you have to restart, but Thunderkick beats them all with a top choice of 5000 spins before you will have to restart the spinning. Yggdrasil on the other hand is not even in the race as they have a ‘unlimited auto-spinning’ which just keeps spinning until you stop or it runs out of money.

What about Manual?

Proponents for Manual spinning often state the tactile feeling of clicking and being in control of your own destiny as the key reasons for not autospinning. You can choose the precise moment you want to start the spin, and you also have the option to execute a ‘Skill Stop’ where by pressing the spin button again, you can force all reels to stop at the same time. Many players claim this will affect the outcome of the slot. We here at SlotMad know deep down that it doesn’t, but we like to believe.

Some people have complex betting patterns, where they want to raise or lower their stakes every other spin. In these cases, Auto-spinning is not an option, unless you are playing games from Elk Studios who have introduced Betting strategies where you can set your stake to automatically change as you Auto-spin your way to victory. There are four different betting strategies to use when playing Elk Studios games. Optimizer, Leveller, Booster and Jumper, each altering your stake level based on if you win or lose.

Are there people who like both?

Believe it or not, there are people who like to mix it up, we call them BiSpinners. Their reasoning is often superstitious for changing between the different modes, thinking one way will be more lucky than the other at this very moment. Some of these Bi-Spinners, do have a preference for either Manual or Auto, but like many parents, they proclaim they do not have a favourite.

So what if I am superstitious?

If you play Casino, you are probably, like us, a little bit (or a lot) superstitious. Who doesn’t want to believe that their own finger has run out of luck and it needs to let the auto-spin take over so it can rest its luck? Who doesn’t want to think that losing 25 spins in a row means that you are more likely to hit the big win soon, even though you deep down know it is all random?

We have all had that Big Win which is seemingly always followed by a long run of dead spins where you win nothing. In those cases it seems clear that something fishy is going on, but don’t worry, it is just your bad luck! (At least if you play at the SlotMad recommended Casinos. If you play at casinos license in Curacao or other less trustworthy jurisdictions, you might be in for something else.

So in conclusion, it doesn’t matter if you are a Solo-Spinner, Auto-Spinner or a Bi-Spinner; Enjoy the games in anyway you want, and you’re OK in our book!