You lost HOW MUCH?

Having a bit of a bad streak?

Happens to us all.

How’s this for a bad streak – story from the Hong Kong Standard.

A self-proclaimed billionaire from Zhejiang province, who claims she lost more than HK$53 million at Wynn Macau, is threatening to sue the casino for preventing her from playing 20 slot machines at the same time.

According to The Standard’s sister magazine East Week, the businesswoman has been playing the slot machines at Wynn since 2007.

She said a woman employee recommended she play a “lucky” machine which proved to be the opposite. After feeding money into it for three days she lost HK$13 million.

She returned to the casino for the Lunar New Year with her friends and their families and kept losing but persisted, staying at the casino and only going home to renew her visa.

After three months in front of the same machine, she lost a further HK$40 million but noticed most payouts were on small bets.

She claims she made a fuss and was escorted to her room by two members of staff who told her to try her luck later.

The next morning she returned to the slot machines with friends and a new approach, playing 20 machines in quick succession, believing she could recover her losses if any one of them hit the jackpot.

After 20 minutes a manager turned up, insisting she could play no more than two machines at a time, adding that the women and her friends were not welcome…

Oh hang on, she’s a billionaire! Unlucky love

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