What makes a really great slot?

For me a truly great slot has to have a few elements.


These are a minimum for me to play a slot. Not only Scatters, but they must be scatters which:

Award a free game for three anywhere on screen (NOT just in a row left to right)

Payout for two scatters (it’s too frustrating when you see two, are sweating on the third and end up with nothing at all)

Give more payout and more free spins as the number of scatters increases.

Bonus game:

An interesting bonus game can make a slot. A boring bonus game can ruin it.

The worst bonus games are the “pick a box/skeleton/coffin/egg/monkey” type. There’s just no fun in them.

The best type of bonus game give the impression that there’s some skill involved, even if that isn’t the case at all. I saw a great one recently where you shot an arrow into an archery target to determine the amount of bonus, each target had different areas and there were a number of targets to choose from.


Payouts needn’t be 98% plus but they must appear fair.

lower frequency pays can be sacrificed for frequent free spins or the promise of a big prize.

Payout wins should never be less than 50 – 75% of the overall spin bet. It’s really annoying when you get a “great spin” message or a character dancing across your screen when you’ve only won a few cents.


If you must base every other game on Norse Mythology or Egyptian legends then at least give the graphics and sound a new twist.

Do not use 10, J, Q, K, A symbols. It’s just lazy and it’d depressing seeing them completely out of context.

Never, ever, ever give a rubbish payout for 5 of a kind. 5 of a kind needs to pay a minimum of 10 times spin amount!


Some games can look great but be completely unplayable so invest more time in usability and longevity than flashy graphics.

Making a new slot? email me I know a few brilliant beta testers for you!

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