Thief slot from NetEnt – review

Thief slot from Net Entertainment


I’m usually a lot quicker releasing reviews but then I always want to play the games for real and experience all of their features a couple of times before writing a review.

In this case it took so long and so much money to get to that point I’m days late.

Thief? You’re not wrong!

Thief opening screen

OK to be fair just because I had a bad run doesn’t make this a bad slot, I know a lot of players have hit big in the past couple of days too.

The game seems to be medium – high variance. You may play for a while before a win but there are big wins to be had. I like this type of slot (usually anyway). Much less boring and you can have a lucky streak on a low deposit sometimes.


The game looks and feels quite nice.

It’s set in the future, the biggest indication that it’s set in the future is the gloom and the miserable weather. Why is it always bloody raining in the future?

Anyway, it looks nice on the whole, what the heck are those symbols though?

There’s a golden grappling hook gun (OK we’ve all got one of those).

Then there’s a green tube thingy that I’m sure comes in very handy for a thief.

They also have a blue ice pack looking item that is no doubt useful if, erm, if… well I’m fu*ked if I know.

I know that the extremely flashy pink Stargate watch will be invaluable to a burglar though. It lights up so you won’t need to employ your triple-torch headset in order to see what time it is.

Thief slot symbols

Anyway the game’s afoot.

Somehow the game manages to feel like Secret Code and Crime Scene but I haven’t played it quite enough for the significance of that similarity to hit me beyond the Wilds expanding on the middle three reels.


Hold the press and bring on the dancing horses! I just hit the scatters!

OK I got three adrenaline scatters.

The Adrenaline scatters differ from the normal scatters in that they offer an extra symbol, the Diamond Symbol. 5 of these on a line will get you 5000 coins. The sounds and graphics are also intensified to add some excitement to an Adrenaline round.

Worth waiting for...

Thief adrenaline scatter

I’m on a 1.25 euro bet and I’ve won…. well, 345 euros from that. Very nice.

Something to note here, in the advanced setting you can select the usual “stop if free spins are won” but this one also has a “stop if adrenaline free spins are won”

I almost missed those while enjoying one of my special relaxation cigarettes…


That’s the thing about this type of slot, I’m down 250 without a sniff and within seconds I’m up with plenty of bankroll remaining.


OK I’ve played for a while now and I urge you to give this slot some time.

It may not be the greatest graphically that NetEnt have produced in a while, but for me this is the best in terms of the general feel and maths. Of course that’s a personal thing but give it a try for yourself.


And give it plenty of time.

It’s a grower not a show-er!

Play Thief slot for free:

Good luck!