The Tumbletons slot – Boss Media

Wow, what a surprise The Tumbleton’s slot was for me.

It’s a Boss media slot, not usually the best slot games to be fair.
This one is just great though.

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The Tumbletons slot machine

5-of-a-kind Tumbletons


The characters and graphics are really nice, reminiscent of 1980s cartoons like Dr Snuggles with a bit of Manga throw in.
there’s a talking tree and a back story – the tree wants the Tumbletons to find a magic instrument in the forest and will reward them (this constitutes the bonus round)
The instrument you choose becomes a valuable symbol and each time a trees symbol lands on the reels you are rewarded with bonus points.
As soon as the bonus points hit 1500 you are into the bonus game.

It’s a 15-line slot and you can bet from 1c to €1 per line.

There’s a sleeping snake Wild symbol (I don’t see much of him alas).

Scatters in the Tumbletons

Scatters trigger free spins – the first time I got these I got 4 scatters and that’s 50 free spins!
That’s a great boost towards getting into the Magic Tree bonus game!
I also made quite a lot of cash – this review was written before I got that by the way so that doesn’t explain my love for the slot.

The Tumbletons bonus game

There are 3 parts to setting up the bonus
1: Select a rhythm on the drum
2: Select a guitar solo
3: Select a flute tune

Tumbletons Magic tree feature

Tumbletons Magic tree feature


You can hear your tune build and can reset it if you don’t like the tune you’ve created.
Once you have perfected your tune you can play it for the magical tree…

The tree’s face will change from a sad face to a grin if it likes your tune and it will reward you with Golden Apples.
Each apple has a different value but you get to keep all of the cash from each apple.

I can’t put my finger on the reason I love this slot so much – certainly the points towards the bonus game are exciting and a bit addictive.
It’s not just that though.
There’s something really cute and compelling about the while thing – I know it’s not a new slot but it puts all the latest flashy slots to shame.


Tumbletons payout table

Tumbletons payout table


This is worth Downloading Gold Club Casino for in itself.

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Generous bonus (even better with the no WR free spins)


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Go and play it!