The Robots are revolting!

What a fantastic slot!

An absolutely bonkers game with great graphics, a progressive big bonus game, free spins and loads of bells and whistles.

Here’s what the makers have to say about it – which isn’t much!

Robot Revolt:
Save the World! Robot Revolt is a progressive 5-reel droid-themed spinner! Blast your way to solar stardom by building the ultimate bad-ass Superbot to combat the evil E-volt empire before they enslave humanity! Click ‘SuperBet’ to play our real-time side game!

In terms of gameplay this is really nice. Lots of small wins which usually annoys me but in this case it’s good because you just want to keep playing.

The bonuses are nice and even better if you play the superspin – that adds 24 coins to each bet but it’s well worth it.

The real shame is that this isn’t more widely available, I played it on the developer’s site but it will be in casinos soon.

Let me know if you see it anywhere.