Take it easy on the slots… set a limit.

It’s all too easy to get carried away when playing slots online.

know your limitsAt the land-based casino you have the cash in your pocket (don’t ever take your credit card!) and usually an idea of how much you want to spend. Handing over that cash to the cashier or feeding it into a slot machine gives a totally different emotional response to clicking a button online.

Online casinos know this, and they love it, I know from experience just how quickly you can run up into the hundreds and then thousands when playing online.

it’s the same with your wins. When playing slots offline a win of say €500 is a real buzz and I will generally take out the cash, I may put it back (after a couple eof drinks) but I’ll take it out and having the cash in my hand will make it more real.

Win €500 online and it’s just numbers, there’s much more temptation to think “I’ll go for €750 or €1000” and because it’s just numbers it’s easy to run it all down to nothing.

Until such time as we’re able to feed notes into our laptops and withdraw them like at an ATM it’s important that we set limits on our play.

It won’t spoil your fun, it can actually make it more fun. last night I put €40 into Redbet and played at €0.80c a spin on Jack and the Beanstalk to see how long I could play for and if I could get up to €100. I didn’t but at the end of the session (and it was a pretty long one, hence my choice of that slot) I’d been up as high as €78 and had some fun. At the end of it all I’d only lost €40. In the past that could easily have been €400 or more in less time.

Big wins can come at any time so don’t think that by restricting your bet you’re restricting your chances too much, it’s luck. The bigger your stake the more you expect so do yourself a favour, be a low-roller!

Responsible Gaming

All casinos by law offer a Responsible Gaming option where you can set you weekly deposit limits, they must allow at least 24 hours before changing this (to avoid you having a few drinks and thing “sod it I’ll throw a few thousand in”.

If you can’t find this option (usually in the casino cashier or the site voter) then just email support or use Live Chat and ask them to set the limit for you.

My recommendation is to restrict yourself to two casinos at a time (one Microgaming and one Net Ent), set a limit on each and then alternate your play.

Good luck!



  1. OLG slogans do not lesson the addicted from losing too much on Government sanctioned gambling.
    Perhaps the same can be said for government’s knowing their limits and not squandering taxpayers money so they don’t need to feed off the gambling addicted with more and more gambling parlors, how’s that ?

    • Well this week there’s news that the UK Govt is looking intp a potential ban on FOBTs which are truly evil so that’s a step in the right direction.