Stereo Miami slot review

Stereo Miami is a 3D online slot that’s powered by Foxium and what a stinker!

If this is a Miami club I’d rather have a night out in Wetherspoon’s in Grimsby.

I can see what the developers and designers have tried to do.

They’ve looked at a few popular slots like Arcader and taken that 8-bit game feeling, throw in a DJ because DJ Wild is doing nicely, add in an alien feel because, errm because they are easier to draw than real humans.

Mix it up with a collectable bonus trigger like, well like all the games you bonus abusers like to play, chuck in not one not two but three bonus events, although you’ve spent your development money now so make one a dull old pick-a-win round and another an even worse have-your-win-picked-for-you feature.

Free Spins, that’ll spice it up. Let’s use a Pink Flamingo symbol and have half of the flamingo as a single scatter, we’ll insist on 6 scatters to trigger the spins and we’ll give one spin per scatter – that’s going to be a smash hit.


That’s enough…

This is a shocker – truly poor.

If you must play it you can do so at Leo Vegas or Mr Green.

You won’t like it.


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