Space Tale slot review

This Boss slot could have the best bonus round ever…

It’s a genuinely skill-based bonus round!

Recently Microgaming launched an online casino slot called Max Damage and the Alien Attack.
It’s a truly awful game but it did receive some plaudits for being innovative.
I was impressed with the thinking behind it if not the execution.
Until that is I began to review Gold Club Casino and came across Boss Media slots.
Now these slots have been around for years and a few of them are unknown gems (see Tumbletons and Lost City).

While playing at Gold Club Casino I discovered the slot Space Tale.

It’s clear from the opening screens that this isn’t a standard boring slot – the first thing you’re informed about is an Evil Emperor who has stolen some crystals and a Space Station…

Space tale slot evil emperor.jpg

You then get to play a five reel, 9-line slot which appears fairly standard until the odd time when you see a Bonus symbol on the screen accompanied by a spaceship zooming from left to right.

Space Tale slot Bonus points.jpg

It’s still not apparent what this is for until you have 250 bonus points (points are awarded based on your bet)

At 250 points you are asked to choose a pilot. At this point you’ll probably have no idea why – go with it and don’t worry it doesn’t seem to matter at this stage which pilot you opt for.

Space tale slot choose a pilot.jpg

The bonus points will continue and you’ll be asked to choose new items at each 250 point stage.
The next items you choose will actually have a bearing on your performance in the bonus round so choose wisely.

First up is the Ship choice – Go for the ship with the highest firepower (ship 3). Shields can be picked up during the bonus round and manoeuvrability isn’t a problem with any ship.

When asked to choose your route opt for route A. I don’t know why but it’s always the simplest route.

Space tale lot choose your ship.jpg Space Tale slot choose your route.jpg

The Space tale bonus round begins:
You enter the bonus round with your chosen ship and pilot and it’s time to fight!
First up you’ll be faced with a wave of (fairly slow) aliens – just shoot them when they’re little and dodge them when they grow. A good tip is to fly through a gap you make as they only come in one wave, once they are behind you they can’t shoot you!

Next up is the asteroid belt – shoot the small asteroids and avoid the big ones – you should get some extra Shield power here – pick up any items you see except the mines.

Phase 3 is another wave of ships – same tactic applies although the three green ships are more awkward, dodge the others and concentrate on these.

Phase 4 is simply shooting mines, they’re slow so shoot as many as you can and collect power ups where you can.

If you’ve made it to phase 5 well done, you now have to shoot the Mothership – and it’s a bugger. If you get shot more than once you’re out – you’ll crash land – don’t worry though you’ll get to shoot one alien for every level you have completed (usually 4 unless you have no fingers or co-ordination).

If you succeed in beating the level boss you enter the space station and have 5 picks.

Choose any of the aliens and collect your cash!

Space Tale crash land bonus round.jpg

The game also has free spins and wild symbols but it’s all about the bonus game!

The game pays well for the top symbols and there are a lot of wins to be had in the normal rounds but if you loved Galaxians and Space Invaders or just fancy a bit of fun then you’ll be chasing that 1000 points.

Space tale slot paytable.jpg
You can play at Gold Club Casino. It is well worth the download!

Gold Club welcome bonus

Generous bonus (even better with the no WR free spins)




Here’s the official help file text:

Space Tale

This slot game has five reels and nine lines. The game has a skilled based bonus game where you try to retrieve stolen crystals from the evil emperor. The game contains a jackpot, the value of which is shown in the game display. You must play the maximum number of credits per line for a chance to win a jackpot.

Paylines are aligned from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel. All wins occur on selected paylines. Wins are multiplied by credits bet per line. The highest win on each payline applies. Wins on different paylines are added to produce your total win.
How to Play

First, select the denomination you want to use by clicking +/- next to DENOMINATION. Then select the number of credits per line and the number of lines you wish to bet by clicking +/- next to Credits/Line and Lines. Finally, click SPIN to start the game. You can start the game by betting the maximum number of credits per line and maximum number of lines by clicking BET MAX.

CREDITS displays the number of credits available at the current denomination and BET the total number of credits bet. WIN displays the amount won in the previous round.

The game has an autoplay function that enables you to play a sequence of spins automatically. All spins will be played by betting the same number of lines and credits per line.


Click on AUTOPLAY to begin an autoplay sequence. The number of remaining spins is shown in the game display.

To end the autoplay sequence before the next round, click the rectangular STOP button.

Free Spins
Symbol 5 in any position 4 in any position 3 in any position
30 free spins 15 free spins 8 free spins

A new free spin sequence can be won on any free spin. The chosen denomination, the number of credits bet per line, and the number of lines played in the preceding spin remain the same during the free spin sequence.
Wild Symbol

The wild symbol substitutes for all symbols excluding the scatter, jackpot and bonus symbols.

The current credit value of the jackpot is shown in the game display. Obtain five jackpot symbols in a row on an active payline to win the Grand Jackpot.

Jackpot can only be won when maximum credits per line is played. If you win a jackpot, you always win the progressive jackpot amount that is displayed in the jackpot display. If multiple players win a jackpot at the same time, they win the same amount (displayed in the jackpot display). If less than maximum number of credits per line is played, the following prize is won:

Grand Jackpot (5 jackpot symbols): 10 000 X
Jackpot Contributions and Start Values
Total Bet Contribution (jackpot + buffer): 0.75%
Start Value in Credits: 100 000
Bonus Game

Accumulate 1000 points or more to start the bonus game. For each bonus symbol obtained anywhere on the reels, you receive one bonus point for each line and credit per line played. If you, for example, play 9 lines and 2 credits per line, you receive 18 bonus points towards the bonus game.

Bonus points are accumulated per denomination. The bonus points collected for a specific denomination are not lost if you change the denomination or exit the game. Any remaining points after a bonus game has been played are used when collecting points for the next bonus game.

The objective of the bonus game is to steal as many galactic crystals as possible from the hands of the evil emperor. Three bonus steps will prepare you for the chase after the evil emperor and his precious crystals. After each step you are returned to the game and you keep playing to collect bonus points that will take you to the next step.

Your progress is shown in the progress bar at the top of the screen.

Bonus step 1: Select Pilot

Accumulate 250 points or more to reach the first step of the bonus game. Select a pilot that will pilot your ship.

Bonus step 2: Select Type of Ship

Accumulate 500 points or more to reach the next step of the bonus game. Select which type of ship to use. Note that the three ships have different manoeuvrability, weapon power and durability against enemy fire.

Bonus step 3: Select Path to the Emperor’s space station.

Accumulate 750 points or more to reach the next step of the bonus game. Select the path you aim to follow to the Emperor’s space station. Accumulate 1000 points or more and the bonus game is started.

Bonus Game Prize Round

The bonus game prize round is divided into two parts: the first part is a four-stage battle where you will encounter different enemies and other obstacles. In the end you will have to destroy the emperor’s space station to board it. You will get to play the final pick-and-click bonus game it you manage to defeat and dock with the space station.

If you do not make it through all four stages, you still get to play a consolation pick-and-click game.
Conquer the Emperor’s Space Station

Use the arrow key on you keyboard to steer your space ship up, down, forwards and backwards. Press ENTER to fire a missile.

At the top left of the bonus game screen you see the state of your space ships shield. If your ship’s shield reaches 0% during any stage of the bonus game, you crash. At the top right of the bonus game screen you see the state of your weaponry.

Each time you manage to complete a stage, you are awarded a Space Squadron badge. These are displayed at the bottom right corner of the bonus game screen. Each badge is worth one selection in the final pick-and-click game.
What You are Up Against


Shoot down enemy ships and avoid being hit by either hostile fire or the ships.

Avoid being hit by the asteroids. You can break the small ones by shooting at them, but the large cannot be broken. And the large ones also have the nasty habit of crashing your ship no matter how much shield your ship has.

Avoid hitting the mines.

Defeat the enemy droids. The upper and lower droids aim their missiles, and the center droid shoot target seeking missiles. Beware that when you shoot down a droid, it is replaced by a space mine.

To be able to conquer the space station, you must take out the two guns at the top and bottom of the space station.


Aim for and run into this symbol to boost your weapon power. The more power you have, the more damage each shot will inflict on you enemies.

Your ship’s shield is reduced each time you are hit by enemy fire or when you crash into enemy ships or asteroids. Aim for and run into this symbol to increase your ship’s shield.
Pick-and-Click Game

This is the final stage of the bonus prize game round. Once you enter the Emperor’s space station, click on the crystals. The crystals are zoomed in and you now get to pick any five of the eight crystals to receive your bonus credits.
Consolation Pick-and-Click Game

If your ships shield reaches 0% during any stage of the bonus game, you crash. In that case you get to play a consolation pick-and-click game, where you aim and shoot at the aliens hidden in the ground. You get to shoot as many aliens as the number of Space Squadron badges you have earned.

Gold Club welcome bonus

Generous bonus (even better with the no WR free spins)


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