Sneak-a-peak Planet Exotica slot review

Sneak-a-peak Planet Exotica slot.

Planet Exotica slotPhwoooar! Get your tentacle-like-things out for the lads!
This incredible slot from Microgaming is set in an alien strip club. Yes, you heard. An alien strip club!

Sneak-a-peek –Planet Exotica slot, introduces us to the universe’s sexiest strippers Tandy, Lumeena, Sooki, Meduna and Asherah.

There’s a 1,000,000 coin jackpot to be won in this strip club! It’d make a nice change for me just to leave one with enough in my pocket for my bus fare home!

Reely weird Planet Exotica slot

Free spins.

The game features free spins – up to 20 which can be retriggered each with a 2x mulitplier. The multipliers and spins can be added to if the last two reels contain a lip gloss (who thought this thing up?)

The slot bonus game is called Select-A-Smooch get this icon on reel one and an alien stripper on the last reel to enter the game.

It’s into alien-perv mode in the bonus game where you must attempt to disrobe the extraterrestrial tarts while trying to avoid the bouncers. Sounds like a Wednesday night out in Shoreditch.
For all the mentalist ideas this game is actually really fun to play and the variance is such that it will keep you playing while you hunt the bonuses and free spins.
And in answer to your question…Definitely Sooki for me!

Best place to play this crazy slot?Tasty Planet Exotica ladeee

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Paylines: 15

Max Coins: 300

Free spin feature: Yes

Wild symbol: Yes

Scatter: Yes

Max Jackpot in Coins: 1,000,000


  1. I’ve been playing this for a while now and I really like the slot but one thing does annoy me.
    It’s the way you enter the bonus game. You need to get as sneak a peak symbol on reel 1 and then get a stripper in the windiow which appears in the fifth reel.
    The annoying thing of course is that you won’t always get the match you need in the fifth reel. Rather than adding to the excitement of the game as the designers no doubt intended it can leave you feeling frustrated if you get a couple of misses in a row,
    The truth is the rewards that I’ve had in the bonus game just don’t merit the difficulty encountered in getting into the bonus round.
    Let me know what you think.