Scarface slot game review

One of the most highly anticipated online casino slot releases ever, Scarface has a lot to live up to.

Does the world belong to Scarface or should this slot be locked up and the key thrown away?

Well, as usual the answer lies somewhere between.

Scarface reels.jpg

The gameplay


In the standard game the Scarface slot plays quite nicely, there’s nothing spectacular, though it is certainly different.

One of the main differences lies with the way bonuses and free spins are activated.

Scarface Scatters:

Scarface free spins.jpg

You know how exciting it can be when you land a couple of scatters on the first two reels and then wait with anticipation as the next reel comes in and the sounds get higher and the anticipation builds for the following reel and the one after that hoping for those lucrative free spins?

Well, Scarface doesn’t have that. At all.

Scatters are now catered for through a Scarface symbol covering one reel, if the symbol covers all three parts of the reel then you’re into the free rounds, if not you’re not but the partial symbols do turn into Wilds.
Here’s how they are allocated:

A full Stacked Wild on a reel activates the following:

 Reel 2 – Nudge Spins
 Reel 3 – Bonus Game
 Reel 4 – Free Spins
When only a partial stack lands on a reel, it becomes a Wild, which like the Stacked Wild also substitutes for all symbols.

So, for the biggest game release they’ve ever done Netent have completely removed the biggest element of excitement that online slots provide, for me at at least. Strange thinking behind that one.

The only plus to this is that (given that there are 3 different bonus symbols) you’re less likely to be “blocked” by useless symbols simply preventing a win.

Scarface Bonus round:

Bonus Game.jpg

The Bonus game suffers from the same issues as the scatters of course – it’s just not that exciting to get into.
What about once you’re in there though?
At the start of the bonus round Tony’s gun is loaded up with a grenade or bullets. Bullets kill one enemy at a time while a grenade kills multiple enemies.

You get some great cut scenes from the movies.
Bonus round with grenade.jpg

 For every kill you make you receive the number of coins displayed.

 Any enemies you fail to kill will take a step towards Tony and new enemies will appear too.

 When an enemy reaches Tony the bonus round is over.

I’ll give them this, the bonus round is fun. It lacks the kind of intensity of, say, the Frankenstein bonus round but it is definitely better than randomly picking boxes as in a game like Bloodsuckers and when the bullets and grenades start flying it’s bloody good fun.

Nudge Spins:


The third bonus in the Scarface slot are Nudge Spins.
Nudge Spins.jpg

A new one for a NetEnt game and familiar to lovers of pub fruit machines of course nudge spins are exactly as they sound.

A stacked symbol across all of reel2 starts Nudge Spins and the reels will spin until the symbol disappears off the screen.
It’s a variation on the Style of sticky wild that appears in Crime Scene and jack & the beanstalk slots.

The payout percentage (return to player) is nice and high and there is potential for nice wins:

Scarface payout table










The game is pretty good, for some reason in the standard game mode it reminds me of Mega Fortune – but I can’t say why.
The Stacked Wild symbols don’t add much to the game and the lack of scattered scatters is something I wouldn’t like to see making an appearance in future games.

For me it lies somewhere between Frankenstein and Jack and the Beanstalk in terms of gameplay and excitement – it’s a step up from Robin Hood in terms of playability.

It really scores with the movie scenes of course, and the bonus round gives a feeling of skill.

The game is out at top NetEnt casinos from April 24th (Redbet, Betsafe, Stan James etc) and will see a full release shortly after that.

Good luck!



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