Robin Hood casino slot game.

Robin Hood shifting riches(2nd Update added)
The Robin Hood Shifting Riches slot game has finally arrived and Net Ent haven’t let us down!

You can play it this week but only at Stan James Casino.
This one’s been in the making for almost a year and the Net Ent team have been building the expectation levels for quite some time.

The slot is called Robin Hood – Shifting Riches.

It is the first slot ever (certainly as far as I’m aware) to use a shifting reels pattern. The reels in certain instances (bonus games and free spins) will move from left to right instead of top to bottom.

Not just a gimmick, wins can be nicely enhanced as a left to right reel win moves along one.

I think it’s a great idea and having seen Net Ent’s intro video¬† for the game I think it’s going to be their best yet – yes even better than Frankenstein.

The video is now available to everyone on youtube:

You can get all the latest news and information on this game release from the site Robin Hood Slot over at

Of course I’ll also update slotmad with as much news as I can get.

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