Piggy Riches slot: As good as a bacon butty?

Playing the game:

The gameplay is nice, if not spectacular.

You’re basically going to frantically chase the bonus games – which thankfully aren’t infrequent enough to deter you.

It’s a 15-line slot, which is the best option in terms of balancing gameplay with winnings. The 9-line slots are too annoying in my opinion because you constantly get lines that would have paid out on other slots but don’t on 9-lines and that can get irritating.

30 lines and more is just ridiculous in terms of bet to win ratio on a normal (ie not especially lucky) day.

20 and 15 are the best choice for casual players.


Anyway back to Piggy Riches.

It feels ‘right’ you know what I mean? Often a slot just doesn’t feel right, Wild Witches and Fortune Teller for example.

Piggy Riches gives you the feeling that the reels are genuine and that a win is possible at any time.

The graphics are good and the bonus games and free spins really shine.

I really like the tendency to offer a choice of freespins that we’re seeing more often these days.

Get three scatters here and you can get up to 28 free spins and a multiplier of 6. Nice!

I played for about three hours with a starting stake of €200.

After three hours I walked away (or rather hit the sack) with €172.

At the best point I was up to €232

At lowest I was at €34 (thank you freespins!)

So it does give you good game time.

Give it a shot at Nordic Bet or Casinoeuro.


Min/Max bet (€) 0.01 / 75

Total game 96.1

Main game 77.4

Free spin 18.7

Maximum Payout Game Feature Coins €

Maximum total win 417 250 208 625

Maximum bet line win 360 000 180 000

Maximum scatter win 15 000 7500

Hit Frequencies Game Feature % for 15 Bet lines

Total – Any win 40.9

Main game – All lines 33.1

Scatter 10.2


Main game

Total game 96.1

Main game 77.4

Free spin 18.7

Free spins mode

Piggy Riches features clickable scatter symbols. When the scatter

symbols trigger Free spins, the player must select one of them in order

to start playing. Each scatter symbol shows a different Free

spin/multiplier combination for the player to choose from. See Payout

section for details.

Scatter wins. The main game pays out on 2 or more scatters.

These wins pay the multiplier displayed in the paytable multiplied

by the total bet.

Free spins feature. When 3 or more scatter symbols appear, the

scatter symbols change to reveal Free spin and multiplier

combinations. The player is instructed to choose one of the win

options. The Free spins are played at the same bet level and with

the same number of bet lines and coin value as the game that

triggered the Free spins. A dynamic sign informs players how

many Free spins are remaining and the multiplier.

Re-triggered Free spins. During Free spins each additional

scatter gives one extra Free spin.



  1. Been playing Piggy Riches for a couple of weeks now and i still aint had free spins!? What is it with this game?

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