Pandora's Box video slot review

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts goes the old saying.

While that perfectly fits the wooden horse of Troy the same is difficult to say for Pandora’s Box slot, there just aren’t that many gifts on offer.

It is said that Pandora’s Box once opened would unleash all the evils in the world but that there would be one last thing in the box – Hope.

Well I hoped and hoped that I’d get a big win when I played this. Then I hoped and hoped for a small win.

Then I abandoned hope. I was absolutely spanked by this game!

Read on a bit to see what the makers (Net Entertainment) have to say and then to get to the good bit that can actually help you win momey – the bit they don’t want you to see – the payout percentage and frequency of hits etc.

You can also try the game for free at the bottom of this review

Here’s what Net Ent have to say about the game: Classical Greek imagery is the theme for this 5-reel, 20-line video slot.

Graphically rich symbols with grapes, olives and urns will get players feeling right at home in ancient Greece, where the special Golden Wild symbol will multiply their winnings by 4.

Maximum bet per game is €80 and the maximum win is €134,700. Ok…

Here’s the good stuff:

Stats and payouts:

Min/max bet 0.01/80 House Edge (%) 4.9

Theoretical Payout Game Feature % Total 95.1% Main Game –All Lines 60.3% Scatter 17.1% Free Spin 17.7%

Maximum Payout Game Feature Coins €

Main Game – per bet line 80,000 40,000

Main game – per spin 240,000 120,000

Free Spins per spin 269,400 134,700

Hit Frequencies Game Feature % for 20 Bet lines

Total 34.7% Main Game –All Lines 29.2%

Scatter 7.0%

Free Spin 0.67%

So what does that mean for us?

Well it’s a game for those who like to play high stakes and look for a big win before cashing out.

Not one for those of you who like to spin for hours.

Good luck if you decide to give it a whirl.

You can try it for free here before deciding to part with your hard earned cash…