Munstarz slot review and game info



Munstarz is the latest slot from the up-and-coming provider Baddamedia.

Currently found at very few places online but they are available at one of our favourite casinos Paddy Power.

The Baddamedia slots are always a little bit different with very strong characters, great animations and really good story.

The reels are a little different to those were used to and they do take some adjusting to but I really like their games and recommend you giving them a go.


What they say:
A great metropolis is under attack from a mad cast of aliens, monsters and one very big blue ape! But here’s the twist: The crazier the creature reel lines – the bigger the trademark payouts, wilds and scatter combos!

As the chaos intensifies, more ‘copters start appearing on the scene, culminating in the wild and wacky ‘Tower of Terror’ bonus round where you must help defend the simian giant from his hovering tormentors…

Pull out your attack bananas to whack those ‘copters and collect big rewards!

Game features:


    Nude Bomber game:Munstarz slot 

  • Playing the Super Bet triggers the ‘Nude Bomber’ in-play Side Game feature. The Super Bet naturally requires more coins – this one goes into a side bet. Is it worth it? Hmm, yes and no. It certainly adds to the fun so I will always play it. If you’re playing purely for profit then, oh hang on, why are you playing slots for profit?
  • The Nude Bomber icon anywhere in the reels will start the feature.
  • The Nude Bomb explodes your bonus on the bottom right of the screen. The bonus includes (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 30x, and 50x the per line bet) or 1 to 5 Free spins.


    Tower of Terror Bonus Game:  

  • Get the ‘copter’ bonus icon to complete your collection of ‘copters.
  • Once complete, players will automatically be sent to the ‘Tower of Terror’ bonus game with guaranteed payouts.
  • Aim: Use the mouse to ‘eliminate’ the ‘copters to reveal their prizes.
  • Players have 7 Bananas with which to eliminate the 5 ‘copters.
  • Sometimes your aim is off and you miss the ‘copters, in which case you’ll have to throw additional bananas until all prizes are awarded or you run out of bananas.
  • In both cases, the screen will automatically revert back to the main reel interface.Jackpots:
  • There are three available Jackpots in Munstarz, the Standard Jackpot, Mega Jackpot and Super Jackpot. The Standard Jackpot is won by completing 5 Wild icons on a single line.
  • The Mega and Super Jackpots are won by completing special reel patterns using the Jackpot Pattern icons. See the Paytable for more details. The Jackpots are only available when playing Max Bet or SuperBet.
  • Wilds: The PapaChomp icon is wild with his Boppachomps.Scatters: green Munstarz
  • The Terror Kat scatter icon pays when two (2) or more appear anywhere in the reels.


This is a really interesting game from a really good new slot maker. As I said it won’t be to everyone’s taste but it’s going to find a big following among some slotters.

Payout rate is around 95% with a 60% win chance each spin so that’s pretty good.

Give it a go at here at Paddy Power – I’d love to know what you think so please pop back and make a comment.

Good luck!