Massive win on Fruit case slot.

We’re getting quite blase about really big slot wins these days, what with Net Entertainment’s Mega Fortune dropping multi-million wins every few weeks.

This one is remarkable though.

A Norwegian player won an incredible €216,248 in the bonus round of Fruit Case this week.

Ouch! That’s a bad hit for the casino. When a player wins a jackpot the casino doesn’t pick up the tab because all of the players put a percentage of each spin into a pool. So everyone’s happy, the player gets a Monty Brewster sized windfall, the casino doesn’t have to stump anything up and the games provider gets some great publicity.

In this case the player and Net Ent are happy but I don’t think they’ll be celebrating too much at the casino.

Fruit case is doubly surprising as it’s rare to see big wins on this slot.

Not that it’s a bad slot, it’s based on a very interesting free spins concept.

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Give it a go for free below and see if you can get anywhere near the big win:

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