Marvel Roulette… What!?

Playtech’s Marvel roulette.

Marvel roulette

I normally stick to slots here, but this one is just too weird to ignore, and it is a slot as well as a roulette game, sort of.
If you like roulette and you like slots then this could be made for you. It works as a standard roulette wheel in many ways, but has the addition of a Marvel Bonus segment on the wheel.


Marvel Bonus

If you select the marvel Bonus “number” and it rolls in then you will be presented with a 3-reel slot machine.
Your initial bet will be carried over to the slot and you will get 3 free spins.
If you get a winning spin then you’ll win between 4 and 99 times your stake, you can win more than once.
Sounds a bit meh doesn’t it? There is an important thing to consider, you are absolutely guaranteed to get at least one win from the spins.

So far so good my superhero friends.

Marvel roulette also shares the marvel jackpots that you see on their slots. You know the ones, Power jackpot (usually about 50 quid), through to the Ultimate Power Jackpot which is usually a few hundred thousand.

That’s about it really, its roulette with the added slot and the chance of winning a marvel Jackpot.


Worth playing?

Yes, definitely although over time the added number and hence the reduction in payouts by 1/36th will tell for hardcore roulette players.
If you’re a slots player looking for a bit of a change then this is probably the right roulette for you.

It’s Playtech so there are only two or three casinos that I can recommend you play at (there are a lot of dodgy Playtech sites).

You can trust Betfred and Boyles Casino. Seriously though, I wouldn’t play Playtech games anywhere else.

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