Madness: House of Fun slot review

When I heard about this slot I must admit I completely 100% expected it to be absolute rubbish.

I have to say,madness slot thumb it’s the most surprised I’ve ever been about a casino game – it’s really really good.

Better than that in fact, it’s in my top 5 of all time, and I’m not even that crazy about the band Madness!

There’s just so much going on here, it’s all well-balanced, the payouts are pitched nicely, the graphics are excellent and highly engaging, there’s even an 8-track Madness jukebox built-in as well as the chance to watch the band’s most popular music videos. It’s a heck of an achievement by Ash Gaming.

So, you already know that I’m a big fan of this slot machine, – here’s why:


The whole thing is put together wonderfully – the reels spin in the right way, they feel realistic and they stop properly (unlike some slots where the reels seem to spin forever and then stop instantly – just as a winning symbol disappears).

The images are great, the sounds are excellent – it’s a good slot all round – but what really takes it to another level are the bonus games.

Bonus Games:

Madness slot free spins symbol The Free Spin bonus is activated with a free spin disc on reels 1,3 and 5.

When I’ve played it’s been relatively easy to hit this – I had free spins about 4 times in an hour.

The slot’s creators Ash Gaming have really put some thought into this feature and rather than simply giving you 10 freespins at a 2 or 3x bonus you are

given a choice of 5 different free spins bonus games.

Each of the bonus games has a different feature and different potential returns

The Bonus Games (free spins)

madness pick your free spins bonus round1: “Forever Young” – This will reward you with 15 free spins. There is a bonus symbol within the game (a picture frame) whenever the frame lands you receive a spot cash prize. Nice but not revolutionary – one for the people who like to play it safe (Ash have even indicated the potential risk/reward of each free spins bonus using a chilli rating system. This gets one chilli – so it’s for softies.
2: “Baggy trousers” This is a nice one – the reels spin and Thommo appears blowing his sax wherever he swings the reels turn into Wild symbols. This can lead to some nice results. Chilli rating 2.

3: “Driving in my car” This is similar to Baggy trousers except i this bonus round the group park their car by a row (reel 1 to 5) and that row will turn wild. Again, a nice bonus round! Chilli rating 2.

4: “Our House” In this bonus round you will get 10 free spins to begin with. Every time a house symbol lands you’ll receive more free spins.

You will usually get at least an extra 5 – 10 free spins but the wins aren’t multiplied or complemented by as

many Wilds as in the other freespin bonus rounds so I don’t see why it has a 3 chilli rating.

madness driving in my car Bonus

5: “Night Boat to Cairo” The best tune but not the best bonus round in my opinion.

In this game a pyramid appearing on reel 3 sets the multiplier for the following spins, the pyramid can give 1x to 4x bonus win. A 3 chilli rating but not one I’d recommend.




The House of Fun bonus game.


You will enter the House of Fun Bonus game when you get a Helter Skelter symbol on reel1, 3 and 5. Again I’m confident you’ll see at least a couple of these if you play for an hour or so.madness slot bonus symbol

The payouts I received varied from €40 to more than €180.

You simply choose items from the House of Fun and click on them to reveal cash prizes – not as dull as it sounds thanks to the ingenuity of the creator and designers.

There are loads of items and some superb sounds and animations behind them.




House of fun bonus game entry screen



Choose a band member to represent you:





House of fun bonus game in play




Select from the items on view.





house of fun bonus round end




Count your cash!




The Lucky Seven bonus

A more simple bonus this time – a lot rarer but it could land you with more than €100,000

Simply keep an eye out for the Lucky Seven records logo on reel 3. When you see it you’ll receive a win multiplier (I got a 9x) or if the dice land on the golden face you’ll hit the jackpot which is more than €100,000.00!


Lucky 7 bonus and jackpot madness

Still need comvincing?

Watch the video!

Are you still here? Go and play the game! You can play for free for as long as you like at William Hill.

You’ll get hooked, I’m certain of it.

All together now – Baggy Trousers… Baggy trousers…