Lord of the Rings: Slot review

Will you need to Boromir money to keep playing this, or will you give up through shire boredom? (Ouch! Sorry but you try to pun on Tolkien, you only usually  get Bored of the Rings, but I’ll give 10 freespins to anyone with a funny LOTR pun).

Anyway, to the game!

This slot looks great, naturally.

But we’ve seen lots of slots that look great in the past that just don’t cut it as replayable.

The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring slot is the first in (surprise surprise) a trilogy of slots that Microgaming have licensed, no doubt at considerable cost.

It has all the elements of a successful slot.

Great graphics

Sticky wilds

Expanding wild on reel 3

Scatters (The rings)

Free spins…

I should have loved this game. I wanted to love this game. I spent €100 on four separate occasions trying to love this game…

Alas the truth is it just fell flat for me. The features are nice but the payout structure is crap. I’ve moaned about this in the past but if I’m betting say €1 a spin and I get 3 or 4 of a kind I don’t want to be “rewarded” with something like 10cents. Just remove those “wins” and add more bigger wins.

That kind of sums up this game, it just doesn’t feel fair or honest.

As I said Microgaming will have paid a wedge to licence this and so I suspect they are taking those costs back with a very low payout percentage. That’s sometimes easy to hide, a slot can state a payout of 96% but be heavily loaded towards very rare (and marketable) jackpot wins while fleecing the average player.

I suspect that’s what has happened here.

Play it, you have to, just to see the graphics and the movie cut scenes.

I hope you’ll be Galadriel you did, but I rather suspect you wont Eowyn much money. Personally I’d have to be drunk to go near this again, in fact I’d have to be completely Legolas!  (That better? No? Sorry!)

Best place to play?

Jackpot City are giving away loads of promotions and bonuses on the Lord of the Rings slot.

Update: I’ve been back to this slot a few times now, mainly to try to get my head around the payouts.

I can’t be playing this correctly; how can it be so popular? Has the world gone mad?

It was with these thoughts in my head that I took my seat and fired up €100 for a Lord of the Rings slot session.

Three times I did that (I take some convincing).

But now I am well and truly convinced… This slot really is a pile of crap. I need to see wat the payouts are for normal play because after 5 sessions and €500 it’s not just an unlucky run.

They better fix the payouts before the sequel because by then players will have all had enough of the pretty cut scenes and the animations. Ultimately players want playability – and playability doesn’t mean bells and whistles it means a fair game with some interesting features.

Just avoid the game, please. For me…

The absolute best place to play this game (if you must try it) is at All Slots Casino.  After you’ve played this a bit I recommend you switch to Thunderstruck 2 – a great game, and a fantatsic, trustworthy and generous casino. Get a bonus at All Slots Casino here


UPDATE: Microgaming are going to remove all Lord of the Rings slot from the end of May 2012. No word yet why this is happening but it must be something to do with licences, perhaps the game hasn’t been as succesful for the licensee as promised, whatever the reason it’s going away, and I won’t be shedding any tears.

Rumours have reached us of a Microgaming Battlestar Galactica slot in the offing – now that will be something! More news or rumours as we get them…

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