I’m bored! Seen any good new slots?

I’m getting a bit bored with the online slots on offer at the moment.

There doesn’t seem to be anything that is  innovative, fun and (potentially at least) profitable.

Betsoft bring out a lot of innovative slots but they don’t offer much long-term replayability, and they definitely don’t come near to the payout percentages of some other big operators like Net Ent.

Boss games don’t really hit any of the three criteria and Microgaming slots are definitely not designed by real slots players.

I’ve tried asking on the forums like www.casinomeister.com but the players there fall into two categories. Profit hunters (happy to be bored and play for an advantage) and American housewives (odd taste, ie RTG games!).

Am I missing something somewhere? I hope so!

If you find a good slot on your travels please share it before I’m forced to do something silly like go to a real casino or save my money.

Seen anything good?


  1. Wait for the new slots from Unogaming youre in for a massive treat!
    They’ve got a Harry Potter video slot and one based on Golden Compass, I was a beta tester on them and they are AMAZING!
    Out in January

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