Frankenstein offline slot – XSpin


VGT is introducing new games for its XSpin platform, which are absolutely stunning!

The XSpin gaming platform offers incredible graphics, sound and animations for an unrivalled slotting experience.

Frankenstein offline slot

Utilizing dual 21.5” high definition monitors and an advanced 3D game engine, XSpin offers immersive gameplay experiences with new titles, new characters, and enhanced player interaction.

First up is Frankenstein, a stormer of a slot (not to be confused with the fantastic online slot version of Frankenstein).

 Frankenstein is joined by Lizards on the Loose, Charmed Destiny, and Steel and Robby Justice, No Relation.

If you’ve seen this in your local casino please let us know where in the comments below! 


  1. This is a great game and there are two banks of them at the Grand Casino on I-40 & Hwy 102. They are pretty much my favorite slots.

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