Faulty slot machine exploited by players

Canadian 50

I'll give you $200 for each one!

Oh I dream of something like this happening.

This and the faulty bank teller cash machine are among my favourites.

Well, OK, there is the one about the schoolteacher and detention but that’s not for public consumption.

Anyway I digress.

Ask yourself, what would you do?

This story comes from a Canadian news blog

A faulty slot machine at a government-owned casino in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada has been pulled after operators discovered it was delivering over $200 worth of playing credits for just $50.

Officials from the Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation reported Tuesday that $28,884 was lost before a customer alerted staff about the glitch.

The error was being blamed on a computer chip in the machine, which would accept $50 bills and but generate $216 worth of playing credits.

The president of the corporation said gamblers must have known that something was amiss.

“They obviously knew that there was an advantage happening here,” Twyla Meredith said. “So … we have reported this and provided all this information to the Moose Jaw police department.”

According to Meredith, the machine was delivering the extra credits to players in April.

“A couple of people figured that out and took us for about $30,000,” she said, adding the machine’s chip was being sent to a special lab for a forensic examination.

The slot machine worked as expected when other denominations were fed into the device.

The gaming corporation also operates a casino in Regina. It said two similar models of slot machines were pulled from the gaming floor as soon as the error was uncovered.

There was no word on whether the other machines had the same glitch.

Imagine finding that, what a dilemma!

So many questions…

Do I leave the machine at all? What if I need to pee? I definitely need to sleep at some point. When will they get suspicious? How much should I milk it for? Shall I call in an accomplice? Are they all suffering from the same fault? What will I do with the money? Will I even get the money?

Where’s the barman?