Everybody’s Jackpot slot.

Playtech have hit on a really innovative idea with the Everybody’s Jackpot slot.

The slot itself isn’t that great to be honest, a standard 3×3 reel slot, but I do like the idea behind it.

Here’s how it works.

  • There’s a progressive jackpot that can be won with a random trigger.
  • The jackpot winner will receive 70% of the total and 30% will go into a pool.
  • To be included in the pool you must have wagered 50 euros or more on the slot in the 24 hours prior to the jackpot dropping out.
  • Everyone in the pool will receive a share of the 30%.
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re playing the game at the time or not.

Everybody's Jackpot main

The display will show you when you are qualified and the time your qualification ends.

Everybody's Jackpot free games splash

Free Games

3 of the jackpot symbols scattered anywhere on the reels will reward you with 12 free games with a random Wild symbol.
Free games can be retriggered infinitely with 3 more jackpot symbols during free games.

Everybody's Jackpot free games

This is a really interesting concept, and it’s quite fun to play, it definitely makes a change from my usual choice of 20 – 25 line slots.

It will be interesting to see a few examples of how much pooled players have received when a jackpot has hit.
For now I’m going to be spinning up to the 50 euros qualification over at Boyles Casino.
Wish me luck, and join in if you fancy a share of my jackpot!


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