Egyptian Heroes casino slot game

Egyptian heroes slot imageNet Entertainment have done it again with this ancient Egyptian themed game.

This 20-line slot is really nicely presented with graphics tipping a nod to a mythical Egypt of the future similar to those employed in the series Stargate rather than those used for say Secrets of Horus.

The gameplay is good the reels are well paced, the payout ratio is nicely balanced and the feature isn’t too far out of reach. I reached it on average once every 50 spins or so (probably a little more frequently than the average in truth).

What makes the game really compelling is the combination of special features.

Golden Win Line: The Golden win line is a new feature for Net Ent slots and I believe online slot in general. Prior to each spin one of the 20 win lines is highlighted and any wins using that line (they don’t need to use all 5 reels) will be multiplied. The multiplier changes with each spin too adding to the sense of, well not excitement exactly but certainly heightened anticipation.

Wilds: The game features expanding wilds –  which are always nice, and my favourite slot feature – sticky wilds during free spins. Hurrah!

In all of the free spins rounds I had the sticky wild was on reel 3 (it takes up the entire reel) this could just be coincidence – but reel 3 is exactly where you want to see an expanded sticky wild so let’s hope it is the norm.

I’d pin the payout rate for this at about 97% based on a few hours of playing it – I’d be extremely surprised if it’s lower than that.

You can get more detailed information about Egyptian Heroes at the Egyptian Heroes Slot site.

I think you’re really going to enjoy this one.

Net Ent continue their return to form, I haven’t been disappointed with any of their releases since Hall of Gods (OK maybe FruitCase but that’s clearly aimed at a different demographic).

You can play this at all your favourite Net Ent casinos with the first release of the game this time at Betsafe Casino.