Double Bubble slot. Hmmm…

Double Bubble slot review

Dubble Bubble Slot is available at Virgin

My Mum used to say “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Well OK. Virgin are an excellent place to play and they have really been doing nice stuff lately.

Alas, this slot isn’t one of them. It’s shocking!

The styling is 1950s bubblegum Americana. Oooh, catching the zeitgeist there eh?

The game is just bland.

There is a Bonus round and another Bonus line which works like the old fashioned pub fruit machines.

Match the symbols in the bonus line with the symbols on screen and win a bonus.

Except in this case it’s really not much of a bonus (up to 22 coins) and it’s not very easy to hit.

The more traditional online slot bonus round is triggered by 3 scattered bonus symbols.

You are then asked to choose a Bonus bubble.

The first time I hit this bonus round I was awarded 160 coins.

You can put up with a lot of tedium if you are potentially rewarded with a great bonus game and bundles of cash – but this just hasn’t got it. No freespins either.

Just before I was going to give this up I hit a lucky streak. See the bonus win below.

Double Bubble Big Win

The weird thing is I have absolutely no idea why I won so much for getting two bubble wilds, nor how the bonus line really works.

Double Bubble is an English slang term for an overtime payment and it’s apt here, because this feels like work.

Play it, I urge you to see what I’m missing.

I expect most of you will agree with me though – this is pants, even if it did eventually leave me a lot better off than when I started playing.

Try it for free at Virgin