Confused about multiple casinos on a site?

Why have more than one casino?

confusion over casinos

Anyone who has played online casino games for a while and at a few different sites is likely to have noticed that many sites have a confusing number of different casinos.

It’s quite normal for sites to split their online casino, often called an RNG (Random Number Generator) Casino, and their “Live” casino (live in so much as it involves betting online against dealers that are being filmed live).

That’s fine but it can get confusing when sites have more the one RNG casino.

Betsafe have Casino Red and Casino Black

Casino red is Net Entertainment (and recently includes Microgaming and Ash gaming too), Casino Black is Playtech (so you probably don’t want to bother with that one).

Expekt have European Casino,  Vegas Casino and Vintage Casino!

In Expekt’s case European Casino is Net Entertainment games, Vegas Casino is Microgaming games and Vintage Casino is, well, Vintage Casino is just rubbish.

Stan James have net Entertainment in the main lobby and hide their Microgaming games away in the footer under the tab “More Casino Games”

If you surf around a little you’ll find loads of examples…

There’s no added value for you the player from these multiple casino sites. They only exist due to some casino games suppliers being precious about having their games appear alongside other providers games – or in some cases due to clever casino managers not wishing to have their good games (Microgaming and Net Ent for example) diluted by games offering less fun and lower paybacks (Playtech and Chartwell for example, as of 2012 at least).


How do you know which is which?

Well it can be difficult if they are all lumped in together which makes the casino managers decision to separate them good for you. If they are all bundled in together (as at CasinoEuro) it can be more difficult – the trick there is have a play around using fun money before you commit – you’ll soon sort the slot machine wheat from the chaff.

Another good way to make sure you’re not wasting money on rubbish slots and casinos is, of course, to read the reviews at

If you’d like to know which casinos have whose games then you can always ask here in the comments section, I’ll get back to you within a couple of hours.

My advice?

Stick to net Entertainment and Microgaming for now. Playtech are rallying a little bit and will get better in time but the majority of their games are still poor, Chartwell are a lost cause, IGT are just tied into the land-based casino style of slot (low paybacks) and need to change, RTG are only worth playing currently if you live in the USA and therefore have no other choice.

There are loads of other providers like Ash Gaming and Baddamedia on the way up but they have a long way to go.

Got a favourite games provider?

Please let me know.