Castle Builder slot

CASTLE BUILDER is a 5-reel slot machine with an innovative level-based feature.

\it’s a slot for today’s players who are hooked on Farmville and the like.

Let yourself be guided on an extraordinary journey to a medieval world of fantasy. Unknown kingdoms are waiting to be discovered, you’ll encounter brave knights, mighty kings and you’ll build impressive castles for the most beautiful princesses you can imagine. As a reward for your efforts you may earn wealth and glory.

Think Farmville or the Sims Medieval but in a slot and you’re getting the right idea…

Are you ready to face this truly royal challenge? The adventure is waiting!

Castle Builder slot

The player slips into the role of a royal master- builder who has to create castles for monarchs in 3 different kingdoms.

The building progress is driven by spinning the reels and gather construction material symbols.

The goal is to build 10 castles in each kingdom. After completion of a castle, the king’s daughter moves in and has to choose from 3 worshippers. A very important decision, as each worshipper reveals his riches not before the royal wedding!

Just as in real life there are poor fellows (small win), average citizen (medium win) and really rich guys (high win).

Each castle is bigger and more pompous than the previous one and takes more construction material to be completed. The bigger the

castle, the richer the worshippers who ask for the princess’s hand in marriage. With every accomplished building mission, the player has the chance to receive special achievements from the respective king. In doing so, the player works his way up by achieving higher ranks and unique service medals.

Castle builder screenshot

Above mentioned game mechanisms keep the player motivated and encourage the gaming audience to come back for more and to continue the journey through the world of CASTLE BUILDER.

But not enough with that. The game switches into a diversified endless mode as soon as the player has discovered all kingdoms and

achieved the highest rank. In this game mode, the player receives his assignments from the almighty emperor and has to construct castles bigger than ever before.

castle builder slot screenshot 2

CASTLE BUILDER is a highly innovative game forged by Rabcat engineers pushing the boundaries of online gaming applications.

The game is easy and intuitive to use and is going to be massive when it gets a wider release at online casinos.


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