Bored? Watch some big slot wins. It’s fun!


Big slot win videos collection.

No, I’m not insane, I don’t have OCD or autism and I’m not a 90-year old widow with too much cash from my dead husband’s estate and no friends other than my cats.

I often feel that I have to defend my love of slot machines to other people – especially poker players. God, poker players, don’t they get on your nerves?

Look down for the slots videos

Look down for the slots videos…

Anyway, I love slots. I love playing them, I love sitting at home with a beer and playing online and I love sitting in the casino with a beer and playing slots.

Now, I set myself a budget every week for playing online and I get to the actual casino about once a month or so.

That’s all fine, not addicted….

Now, I’ve found a new pastime, and it probably is a bit weird.

When I’m bored and I can’t play the online slots I’ve taken to watching other people play them on YouTube. It’s fantastic! There’s a whole movement going on! People using their smartphones to shoot video of slot machines when they hit a bonus round then uploading it to Youtube.

If you love slots then I know you’ll love this too.

Let us know in the comments if you find any great videos.

A nice one here on the Montezuma Madness slot, on a nice low bet too.


Here’s another nice one.

yes, I’m a slot addict. i admit it..

I’ll be sure to post any real good ones when I see them. let me know if you find any!


Here’s my current favourite on the WMS slot Wizard of Oz Ruby slippers (now available to play online at Unibet . Count the “Oh My God’s”!


Here’s a big win on the slot Nordic Spirit.
It comes with a cautionary tale too.
Beware the vultures!
Be sure to read the posters comments and hopefully if you’re a sane and rational person you’ll think “Oh stop moaning you weirdo”

Look at this beauty on the slot Blood Life Legends.
Outstanding! Yes it is 20 minutes long, it just keeps on re-triggering and re-triggering…

Here’s a nice win on Zeus. Not the Zeus I’m used to though – never seen it with these reels but the symbols are the same. Anyone know if this is WMS?

And one for those of us who have been beaten up by the IGT slot Cleopatra 2 too many times.
An amazing win…

Here’s another good one – from that man Shamus again!
Awesome Reels – a 700x big win on the new WMS slot – July 2012 at a Detroit Casino…

You reely got a hold on me!
Here’s a nice one from Shamus (he has his own Youtube channel dedicated to slotting and is always entertaining). Even if he does go to the casino with his Mum….

What a bizarre one this one is

Very odd.
He describes 50 Lions (one of the tightest slots around in my experience, certainly one of the most boring) as follows:
“One of the hottest games in the casinos today. Huge Bonus win, very loose machine when it wants to be and usually pays back your minimum bet with every spin.”
Pays back more than minimum bet with every spin? Bloody hell!
Then gets a big win of 84340 coins, but wait, take a look at the credits before that win and they have more than 700,000 credits! This is either a compulsive, and pretty wealthy lunatic who has few other machines in their local casino, or they have genuinely found a faulty 50 Lions that actually does pay back every time!
We can only dream…

I really like this one, it really conveys that feeling of excitement you get with free spins, so tense as he chooses from the shamrocks! .
It’s Leprechaun’s Gold…

A new slot win series…

In this series of videos Shamus (again) will take us through the life of a 20 dollar note. OK he lost a lot of 20 dollar notes but sometimes, just sometimes a 20 note can go a long way, joins Shamus on his journey…



This guy has one of the ost annoying voices ever, and he has a tendency to react as though he has just won 7 million dollars when he wins 700 but hey that’s what it’s about at 1c stakes.

Take a look at this one, towards the end he sounds like he’s having sex!


Tiger’s Realm 2

Bit more blaspemy and a bit of swearing in this one but who can blame him? It starts with 7 free spins…

Try his other videos, he does get excited…

The Jetsons slot.

I love this slot and this is a nice win. If you can find this slot in your local casino get on it!

Rich Wilde and the Book of Dead

Nice to see the rise of online slot video wins (not the fake ones the casinos put up).
This is great, a massive win on the first spin, you need to be pretty wealthy, pretty brave or pretty stupid to play this volatile monster at a tenner a spin, sometime it just pays off though… And doesn’t he get excited, 10,000 euros in one spin!

Seen any great videos lately?


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