Betfair at it again

This time they’re refusing to honour some horse racing bets but it serves as a timely reminder why you should never play at their online casino.

For those of you who haven’t heard this tale it’s an interesting story and one that illustrates that it doesn’t matter how big you are you’re never too big to defecate on your customers if that’s your style.

So, in November 2010 Betfair’s Casino Manager decided to run an “Unlimited Happy Hour Bonus” – nice eh?

The terms were as follows:

Unlimited reload bonus in casino with a 10x Wagering requirement.

Now this very generous offer was a hit with players and it had the desired effect of driving up deposits to Betfair’s Casino. Unfortunately for players as soon as they started to win a lot (and let’s face it it wasn’t that difficult with this bonus set up) Betfair decided to up the wagering requirement to 20x without informing players. Pretty bad service.

If it had ended there it would have been bad enough. It didn’t.

Betfair refused to pay out winnings to any of the players who had won and not yet withdrawn by the time the Casino manager realised his mistake. Terrible customer service.

If it ended their it would have been abominable. It didn’t.

Betfair contacted the payment providers AND THE BANKS of players who had been paid out and SEIZED THE FUNDS! Disgusting customer service.

Now bear in mind that Betfair are a massive massive company and that this was a clear cock-up by their employee and you’d be forgiven for thinking that they should simply have coughed up, took it on the chin, made a PR success out of it and moved on. Of course they didn’t and they are still refusing to pay on the whole (although reports state that they are making some settlements with some players to avoid court).

Had they started to honour these debts then it may have been worthwhile giving them another shot but just this week they had a similar cock-up on on the Christmas Hurdle at Leopardstown in which they offered odds of 38-1 on a horse which was clearly going to win a race.

In true Betfair style they are refusing to cough up.

Don’t play at Betfair, it’s as simple as that.

There’s a fascinating and ever-growing thread about this over at the Casinomeister forums – it’s a great read.