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Avalon 2 is the long-awaited sequel to the Microgaming Games classic from 2008, Avalon.

The game is really in-depth and has a varety of entertaining features. It may take you some time to experience them all but it’s worth the effort.

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Avalon 2 game features

• 5 Reels

• 243 Ways Video Slot

• Scatter and Wild pays

• 3, 4 or 5 Scatters triggering the Grail Bonus Game offering 8 bonus games.

• Rolling Reels™

• Trailing Wilds™

• Extra Wilds

• Merlin on-screen Bonus

• Expanding Wild in the Base Game

There are a staggering 8 bonus games in Avalon 2 and you must choose your path wisely.


• The Merlin character can appear at random during play in the Base Game, awarding a random cash prize or multiplier.

• On any winning spin, Merlin can randomly apply a 2x, 3x or 4x multiplier to the win.

• On any non-winning spin, Merlin can randomly award a coin prize of 4x, 5x, 6x, 7x, 8x, 10x, or .

20x the total bet.

• May trigger at the same time as the Bonus feature.


• Appears in Base Game on Reel 3.

• The Expanding Wild will substitute for all symbols except the Scatter.

• If a Scatter lands behind the Expanding Wild, it will still pay.


• Win up to 2 400 000 coins.

• 3, 4 or 5 Grail Scatters landing anywhere on the Reels must trigger the Grail Bonus Game.

• Journey through the Kingdom on your quest to retrieve the Grail and return it to Avalon.

• 8 possible Bonus Games await your discovery along the way. That is the Bonus Game is a trail  bonus consisting of 7 stages, presented as 7 steps to the Player.

• When the Player reaches the 3rd step in the trail they must make a choice between 2 Bonus .

• After each Bonus Game the Player returns to the Base Game. Subsequent triggers must allow .

the Player further progress through the trail.


Avalon 2 Lake of Legend Bonus Rules • This is a Dice Roll Bonus game.

• The aim of this Bonus is to try to complete Excalibur by reforging the Sword fragments.

• Rolling the Dice, may reveal a number which associates to a Sword fragment number.

• After each Dice roll, if there’s a match, the Sword fragment with the matching Dice number moves into the Reforge Display.

• The player is paid out a multiplier equivalent to the number on the Dice (6x, 5x, 4x, 3x, 2x, 1x).

That is, if the Player rolls a 2 on the Dice, the Sword fragment labelled 2 must add to the Reforge .

. Display and the Player receives a pay-out of 2x their total bet.

• If the player rolls a number on the Dice and the associated Sword fragment has already been . . added to the display, the player is still awarded the multiplier number for that roll even though no . Sword piece moves.

• There are 6 Sword fragments, all of which are required to reforge the Sword.

• The player receives a total of 10 Dice rolls in which to reforge the Sword (that is to roll each . . number on the Dice).

• If the player reforges Excalibur, they receive a pay-out of 15x their total bet on top of previous .

. wins and 6x their total bet for any of the remaining dice rolls.

• The Prize Value is multiplied by the total bet placed.

BONUS 2: Misty Vale Bonus Rules

• This is a Choose Your Wild Feature.

• The Player will be awarded 15 Free Spins at a 1x multiplier.

• Players may not re-trigger Free Spins or trigger the Bonus during this Free Spins Feature.

• At the start of the Free Spins feature players are presented with a selection of High symbols.

The player selects one of the High End symbols to be the extra wild symbol inside of Free Spins.

• The selected High End symbol acts as the extra wild for the duration of the feature and . . substitutes for all symbols except the Scatter and Wild.

• The chosen High symbol has a 2x wild multiplier.

• The selected Wild symbol has an altered appearance for quick identification on the Reel set.

• The Base Game Wild symbol must also apply in this Free Spin Bonus Game.

Avalon 2 Grail Bonus rules

BONUS 3: Whispering Woods Bonus Rules • This is a Pick Until Stop Bonus Game.

• The aim of this Bonus Game is to pick the Shield with the highest multiplier.

• Players will pick 1 Shield from the 5 supplied.

• The player may keep the selected Shield or pick again.

• The player will have two chances to change their mind. That is, players will have the choice of . . discarding up to two items, but must then keep the third item.

• The possible wins that the player could see include 10x, 15x, 20x, 25x, 30x, 35x, 40x, 50x, 60x and

. 160x multipliers.

• All wins must multiply by the total bet.

BONUS 3: Forest Falls Bonus Rules • This is a Trailing Wild™ feature.

• 20 Free Spins will award at a 1x multiplier.

• Players may not re-trigger Free Spins or trigger the Bonus during this Free Spins feature.

• In this Bonus feature, the Base Game Wild symbol acts as the Trailing Wild™.

Meaning that any Base Game Wild symbol that lands on-screen on Row 1 or 2 of Reels 1 through . 5 holds in place and expands, sliding downwards. When the trail reaches the bottom of the screen . it holds for one spin and is then spun out on the following spin.

Avalon 2 Whispering Woods bonus rules

Avalon 2 Dusky Moors Bonus Rules

• This is a Pick until Match Bonus Game.

• 12 Items display on screen (2 each of 6 different Helms).

• The aim of this Bonus Game is to match 2 Helms of the same type (design style), with picking .

. continuing until this match takes place.

• Each Helm will associate with a set multiplier pay-out from 6x to 20x.

• Every non-matching pick increases the win multiplier (2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x).

• The Prize Value is multiplied by the highest multiplier attained.

• The Prize Value will multiply by the multiplier, and then by the total bet staked.

Avalon 2 Morgan's Keep bonus rules

Avalon 2 Morgan’s Keep Bonus Rules • This is a Rolling Reels™ Bonus Game.

• 20 Free Spins award at a 2x multiplier with Rolling Reels™.

• Consecutive wins will increase the multiplier to up to 6x.

• Players may not re-trigger the Free Spins or trigger the Bonus during this Free Spins feature.

BONUS 6: Hall of Shadows Bonus Rules • This is a Level Bonus Game.

• Each move carried out by the player awards a prize.

• The success of each block or attack determines the size of the prize awarded.

• In this Bonus feature, using a fight sequence, the player chooses the best combat moves to either block or attack the Black Knight from three possible directional options, in an effort to defeat the Black Knight and retrieve the Grail. • All winnings will multiply by the total bet.

BONUS 7: Isle of Avalon Bonus Rules • This is a Wheel Bonus.

• The aim of this Bonus Game is to spin the Wheels and arrive at the highest Win Value.

• The numbers won on each wheel will form the multiplier award.

• The Bonus Game consists of 4 concentric Wheels.

• Activate the Wheels of Avalon to claim your reward.

• Landing the Special Zero (0) on the 3rd Wheel will unlock the outer most Wheel for even greater rewards.

• The 3 inner Wheels will activate on spin.

• The Inner 2 Wheels (Wheel 1 and 2) contain the numbers 1 through 9.

• Wheel 3 will contain the numbers 5 through 9 and a Special Zero (0).

• Wheel 4 (the outer wheel) will contain the numbers 1 through 5.

• Wheel 4 must only unlock when Wheel 3 lands on the Special Zero (0).

• All wins multiplied by WAYS bet.


Avalon 2 paytable

Avalon 2 paytable

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