A good day at All Slots Casino

I don’t tend to write much about my slots adventures (adventures, sounds a bit grand for pressing a button and crossing my fingers) but I will start to.

After a measly week where i tried out a few different slots on a few casinos I came back to AllSlots casino to collect my weekly 10% cashback.

I’d lost £110 last week so my reward was £11 and 20 freespins on Sure Win.

Well, i didn’t win on Sure Win, not one of my favourite slots to be honest.

I then went to play a bit on Avalon – I haven’t played this for a while but AllSlots gave me freespins this week on that one and i was hooked into chasing the bonus round – that’s where the £110 went.

Anyway, I’m spinning away looking for a bonus round and it’s keeping me alive with some frequent small returns.

After an hour or so (not bad considering I started with £11!).

I was down to the last 32.40 and playing 80p per spin when the three Ladies of the Lake made an appearance.

12 free spins.

now the interesting thing about the Avalon slot is that the bonus round multipliers aren’t fixed. each win is multiplied by between 2 and 7 times.

the first few spins netted me £8,10 and then I got 3 golden carriages on the first three reels.

I’d had them before and was expecting a nice return but nothing big – perhaps 50 coins with a 2 or 3 multiplier.

What i failed to realise was that during freespins the golden carriages (and there are a lot on the first 3 reels) are Wild.

I then sat in amazement as i saw two crowns lined up on reels 4 and 5. That made 5 crowns – 800 coins x 5 coins = 4000. Nice.

Then the multiplier kicked in and awarded me 6x! A lovely little £240 but I still wasn’t counting the other wins the wilds had brought.

After the free spin round was finished i was up to £810. Lovely.

I’m off to try something new – but i’m sticking with All Slots for this one as they are being really generous with freespins at the moment – not to mention I’ll get 10% of my losses back this weekend!

I’ll let you know how I get on!

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