4 new games at allslots

A bit of a mixed bag is the best way to describe this month’s new casino game releases at all slots casino.

Sterling Sliver 3D
The first new casino game at All Slots Casino is Sterling Sliver 3D. Yes it is 3D. Well sort of. You may just think it’s a bit blurred but if you have a pair of 3D glasses you’ll see it in glorious 3D. Amazing! Just like you see the rest of the world – except with a headache after a couple of hours play. Still it’s a nice inovation and one that pints the way to the future. A future where slots players have to wade through long wait times and lots of fluffy content before getting to the gameplay. Uh Oh.

Seriously though, if you have a set of 3D glasses you’ve got to give this a look.



Reel Play Poker: Jacks or Better
It’s poker, it’s a slot, it’s a poker slot…

All you need is a pair of Jacks of better to start winning real cash.

The game shows slot reels, but each reel is made up of a deck of playing cards and the pay line show the cards  you hold in your hand.

If the right poker combination lands on the slot pay line, you win real cash. Same rules as poker for the payouts.

Try it if you like poker but you’re too much of a fish to play at the tables.

Sonic 7s
Oh I really hate these. Didn’t we move on from 7s and bars in the 70s?

Sod off.

Lazy buggers if you can’t be bothered creating anything new go and get a new job.





Gold Factory
“The Gold Factory is where fortunes are manufactured” or so says the marketing blurb for this.

This is actually a nice game and the bonus round can be massive if you get lucky.

Worth a spin!





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