33 Lives. This just isn’t right…

I’ve been playing slots for a long time, too long, and it’s largely because of that I’m as poor as a Church Mouse and as fat a house.

I’m so poor, and so fat, that it really gets me down sometimes and I start to feel sorry for myself. We’ve all been there, you know how it feels.

Once in a while something happens which makes me feel ashamed of my self pity and just makes me glad to be almost alive (OK actually what I usually think is “ha ha thank f*ck I’m not that poor bastard” but you know what I mean).

One such incident which really touched me was the plight of the 33 Chilean Miners. I watched along with the rest of the world, glued to my TV screen (I was glued to my particular TV screen, not the rest of the world, I only live in a flat) , day after day as the families of the miners prayed for their safety, and their sanity.

I prayed with them, I cried with them, I cheered as they were rescued. Emerging blackened with coal dust, emaciated, one-by-one, blinking in the sunlight, each of them seeking out their families for a loving reunion (except that one whose wife had left him while he was down there of course – poor f*cker).

I was so overcome by these events that I decided there and then to turn my life around. I would start to exercise, I would stop smoking so much weed, I would eat vegetables!

I was a new man.

I was free!


For the first time in years I felt alive, I felt like I could achieve something, be something, I even gave up playing slots! All thanks to those 33 brave souls.

And then… Then this…

Some absolute fuckwit decided it would be a really good idea to make a new slot machine, a slot aimed specifically at me, a slot designed solely to get ME playing slots again.

A slot based on the fucking Chilean Miners! Can you believe that? What kind of sick twisted mind does such a thing?

So here it fucking well is…

33 Lives – A lesson to the World! (The slot)

I kid you not.

Help save the miners in the “Great Odyssey” continuous bonus round and get the pieces to solve the puzzle in the Free Spins Bonus.

The True story of a country that brought back 33 Lives!

 33 lives reels

  • Engineers, Doctors, Journalists, Political leaders and the 33 miners illustrate the symbols of this amazing game.
  • “Great Odyssey” Continuous Bonus Round where the player must operate a pulley that will take the capsule down to the shelter and bring every miner safe back to the surface. The game saves throughout the different Bonus sessions the rescued miners in previous entries.
  • “Note Puzzle” Free Spins Bonus: get the pieces to solve the puzzle and simultaneously play in the slot game.
  • Game Specifications: 5 reels, 33 paylines.
  • Top Award: 5,000x (at max bet).

Where to lay this slot? Find it for yourself – I won’t be complicit in your downfall.

I ask you. What profit it a man if he wins the max bet lines max win on the 33 Lives slot, but loses his soul?

You know what you can do with your slot?

Stick it where the sun doesn’t shine!