300 shields slot review

A slot for warriors!

This is one is hardcore slot, so hardcore in fact that a lot of casinos are afraid to host it.

300 shields

You’ll often see it appear at a casino only for it to disappear after a while, especially on smaller casinos, as the management are just afraid of the game’s crazy volatility.

I can’t think of another slot with as much win potential as this one at low bets.

At high bets of course it’s even madder.

300 shields rules

The trick is in the bonus round.

300 Shields bonus round

3 Shields will get you into the bonus round with 10 free games.

During the free games round every shield that hits the reels increases your “blood count” and with it the Win Multiplier.

This can go off the scale, with a maximum multiplier of 300x every win.

The free games can be added to, as you gain shields the warrior’s sword will fill up, when each sword is completed you get an additional 5 free games.

For that reason I’d say this is the most exciting bons round of any online slot.

Seek it out and give it a go, you’ll be glad you did.

Quick though, it’s not guaranteed how long the casino you find it at will keep it!