Age of Vikings: Video slot review

age of vikings slot

It’s another Viking themed slot – oh joy!
What is it with Vikings and Egyptians in video slots? The Vikings could be due to the fact that most slots providers come from Sweden (I don’t know why, do you?).
The Ancient Egyptian things is harder to fathom – could be something to do with Vegas and they’re obsession with Egypt, which could be something to do with the fact that Vegas is in a desert… Anybody know?
Anyway onto this Boss media Age of Viking slot.
Set sail in a Viking longship with Thor and Freyja to pillage and plunder – no raping, I’m not sure a rape-based bonus game would be a big draw.
When two or more of Thor’s battle axes appear anywhere on the reels, you win a bonus prize.

The fair Freyja serves as a wild symbol and her appearance in a winning line doubles the prize. She appears loads, but I didn’t get her in a winning line that much.
Hit a combination of three or more sacks of gold to play the Pilfer bonus round, in which you get to steal from the treasure other Vikings have pillaged. Each chosen sack or chest is worth a great bonus prize. Not much of a game but the prizes are better than average.

Hit three or more Viking shield symbols on an active line to play the Spinning Shield bonus round.
Spin the shield up to five times reveal your prize. Bog standard bonus game – but again nice prizes and I didn’t find it too difficult to land this game quite often.

You can play this at BossMedia Casinos. For a list of Boss media Casinos (and some great content) take a lok at Honest Casino Reviews site.
If you want to dive straight in I recommend Gold Club Casino