1 million free spins! Eh?

Have you noticed the increased use of free spins from casinos these days?

It used to be nice to get 5 or 10 freespins ocassionally – these days I see regular offers of 100 free spins.

Looks great but buyer beware. Free spins differ wildly across operators in terms of their actual value.

On Microgaming for example the majority of freespins I see are valued at around 10c each. On Net Ent slots the freespins I’ve seen recently have been worth up to €2 each (the recent round of free spin offers for Alien Robots for example). Boss is in the middle.

If you get an offer in your inbox promising you x amount of free spins in return for a deposit then be sure to pop onto the casino live chat and ask the value before you deposit based on the offer.

Sometimes you’ll actually get more in free spins than your deposit is worth. Usually though it’s juts a few cents…

Good luck!