Book review: Slots, praying to the God of Chance. David V Forrest.

The first ever Slotmad book review, quite possibly the last. It’s not that there aren’t a lot of books out there about slots, it’s just that they tend to be overly-academic (i.e dull) or about the dangers of gambling (slots ruined my life…). Addiction by design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas falls into both of […]

Bored? Watch some big slot wins. It’s fun!

  Big slot win videos collection. No, I’m not insane, I don’t have OCD or autism and I’m not a 90-year old widow with too much cash from my dead husband’s estate and no friends other than my cats. I often feel that I have to defend my love of slot machines to other people […]

PornHub Casino…. Surprisingly compelling…

PornHub Casino review Yes it’s a casino from the people who brought us Pornhub. Yes it features some scantily clad beauties (and some not-quite-beauties at times). Yes it has some risque casino slots and games. So what’s the hook? Sounds like a gimmick, we’ve seen them before to be fair with the likes of the […]

Stereo Miami slot review

Stereo Miami is a 3D online slot that’s powered by Foxium and what a stinker! If this is a Miami club I’d rather have a night out in Wetherspoon’s in Grimsby. I can see what the developers and designers have tried to do. They’ve looked at a few popular slots like Arcader and taken that […]

300 shields slot review

A slot for warriors! This is one is hardcore slot, so hardcore in fact that a lot of casinos are afraid to host it. You’ll often see it appear at a casino only for it to disappear after a while, especially on smaller casinos, as the management are just afraid of the game’s crazy volatility. […]

Space Tale slot review

This Boss slot could have the best bonus round ever… It’s a genuinely skill-based bonus round! Recently Microgaming launched an online casino slot called Max Damage and the Alien Attack. It’s a truly awful game but it did receive some plaudits for being innovative. I was impressed with the thinking behind it if not the […]

Buongiorno Mr Green!

The marvellous Mr Green has decided to set up home in Italy. It’s a natural choice for the suave sophisticated Mr Green but I’m not sure his bowler hat will allow him to blend in with the local smart set of Rimini and Venice. With a range of Netent games at launch and no doubt […]

Spin Palace Casino Review

Getting itchy fingers and ready to play one of your favorite slot games like Avalon ll or Tomb Raider? Well hold onto your horses for just a second. Take a moments breath and check out this review of the Spin Palace Casino. They’ve been welcoming players by their thousands since the start of the millennium, […]